We’re devoting an entire series of Blog Posts to help you play better at The Oaks. We’ll go hole by hole and tell you the shots to play to score your best. The Oaks is a tight course, but it’s forgiving as well. Many shots end up back in the fairway, or on the green because of the hills surrounding the holes. Most faiways and greens are in the valleys which puts the odds in your favor.

So pay attention, trust us, and Good Luck!

Hole #1

Tee Shot

Hole #1 is a dog leg right, and you can’t see the Green from the Tee Box. The smart play is to take a club that you can hit about 200 yds and position yourself for a mid to short iron into the green. If you’re a big hitter, you can try to cut the corner, but it’s a risk you just don’t have to take. More balls are lost trying to “cut the corner” than are found lying in the middle of the fairway just a “chip and putt” away.

Approach Shot

If you took our advice, right now you’re looking at anywhere from 160 to 120 yards into the green. Remember, the Green is up hill from where you’re at. That means take an extra club, at least half a club. If you hit to the right, you’re in trouble. The smart play is to hit towards the left side of the green. If you hit the hill on the left of the green, you will probably get lucky and roll down onto the green – easy chip and putt. Keep this in mind – more balls are left short on this hole than any other hole on the course.

The Green

#1 is a good putting green. Relatively flat, but most putts will break slightly towards the right side of the green (where the ravine is) so play that little bit of break, even if you don’t see it. It’s usually there.

Keep watching for more Tips on how to play The Oaks in the coming days and weeks. We’ll work our way around the course, and before you know it, you’ll be scoring well.

Good luck, and we’ll see you soon.